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    Be far-sighted and live up to Fanghua! 2020 China Science and Technology Corporation's Staff Conference Successfully Concluded

    Time goes by
    2019 has passed
    There are too many wonderful things to remember in this year
    We cross the difficulties and difficulties together
    Are all our exclusive memories
    Every departure
    Every takeoff

    All witness our glory

    On January 17, 2020, we gathered to look back at the past, look forward to the future, and pay tribute to 2019, which belongs to every Chinese person!

    Remarkable development

    Zhongke company, between development, deserves to be called "big Zhongke".

    In the process of negotiating the Sino-US trade agreement, China and China continue to move forward. Fear no hardships and be brave to move forward. In 2019, our company established a wholly-owned subsidiary and opened a Shenzhen office.

    At present, the company has an office area of over 1600 square meters, an area of more than 2,000 square meters in Yuexiu warehouse and airport warehouse, two wholly-owned subsidiaries, a national tender, supply chain company, and the establishment of a Shenzhen office.

    The development pace of China Science and Technology has been accelerating in an orderly manner.

    China Science and Technology seizes development opportunities and positions 2020 as the company's "year of innovation and development." Our company will strengthen compliance construction and internal control management, focus on strengthening risk control, and establish and improve mechanisms to deal with and deal with policy and operational risks. In addition, it actively explores innovative business models, continuously innovates, and maintains the company's stable development.

    The company's booming performance is inseparable from the leadership team led by General Manager Li Hongliang and Deputy General Manager Xie Zhongan. Under their leadership, China Science and Technology Corporation has repeatedly made great achievements and made steady progress!

    Honor to be witnessed

    Looking back on 2019, we meet opportunities and challenges;
    Looking back on 2019, we have both gains and emotions.

    In 2019, thanks to your contributions, Dazhongke became dazzling!

    Employees are the driving force and source of enterprise development. The development of any enterprise cannot be separated from the hard work and dedication of employees. Here, I would like to thank every colleague who silently pays!

    At this employee meeting, General Manager Li and Deputy General Manager Xie awarded honorary certificates and trophies to outstanding employees, outstanding leading cadres, and various excellent departments.

    Outstanding Leading Cadres: Peng Zhipeng, Shen Fengming, Tan Kaitao, Yang Guozhuang

    (from left to right)

    Outstanding Business Assistant



     Outstanding administrative and financial and business personnel Lin Jiahui, Liang Ziqin, Yang Ziyan, Li Yongyi, Xiao Yimei (pictured from left to right)

        Outstanding salesman Li Luequn, Lin Jiahong, Liu Shiping, Man Jing, Wang Dandan, Zhuang Chunbin (pictured from left to right)

    In addition, our company also selected a number of awards, such as the Pioneering Achievement Award, Special Dedication Award, Innovation Award, Performance Progress Award, Newcomer Award, Outstanding Contribution Award, etc., to develop multiple reward channels, recognize talents and encourage innovation.

    Pioneering Achievement Award: Li Luequn, Special Dedication Award: Fu Liyun
    Innovation Award: Seven Business Teams

    (from left to right)

    Performance Improvement Award
    First prize: Wang Lu, second prize: Zhuang Chunbin, third prize: Luo Jingtao
    (from left to right)

    Rookie Award
    First prize: Man Jing, second prize: Li slightly group, third prize: Lin Jiahong
    (from left to right)

    Outstanding Contribution Award: Wang Dandan, Peng Zhipeng, Zhang Xiaodan
    (from left to right)

    The monofilament is easy to break, gather into a thread, and dense turns twist into a clump, and tie it into a knot. The awards of excellent team, excellent platform department, excellent department, and excellent risk control department fully demonstrate the spirit of unity and cooperation of our company. It is because of the efforts of each team that Zhongke has achieved today.

    Excellent Team: National Science Tendering, Excellent Platform Department: Ministry of Commerce
    Excellent Department: Business Department 5, Risk Control Excellent Department: Business Department 7
    (from left to right)

    Exciting honorary awards have been issued again and again, which has continuously pushed our staff meeting to a climax.

    This is a symbol of honor and a proof of strength!

     We call CALL for the hard-working Chinese people.

    Stop back in 2019
    Looking forward to 2020
    Believe in Zhongke, believe in yourself
    In the future
    Zhongke will not forget the original intention, build a dream voyage
    Towards a brighter future
    Create new glory!

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